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How to give everyone better options for next year's open enrollment

If 2022's open enrollment hasn't reduced costs or improved satisfaction, here's how you can be sure to not stay stuck next year...



It's not news that our healthcare system is critically ill.

For many employers, looking at the "variety" of health plan options can feel like choosing cabins on the HMS Titanic. And the real question comes down to, "For cookie-cutter coverage, do you want to pay huge annual cost increases or just extra-large ones?"

With per-employee costs for health benefits topping $21k/year, employers are at the end of their ropes—while workers and their families feel like they're receiving less satisfactory care than ever before.

But there is now hope for people looking for real solutions: a group of physicians and entrepreneurs have pulled together all of the new thinking that has been DEMONSTRATED to have an impact on improving things for patients, employers, and even doctors... and put them to work in an integrated way.

Welcome back to sanity.

AllaraCare is a truly different model—that starts by not putting you at the mercy of a large insurer.

First off, we establish direct relationships between doctors and patients. Then, we introduce proven cost-saving strategies for level-funded groups—to help everyone pay less for better care. Because AllaraCare eliminates administrative bloat and systemic inefficiencies we can return significant savings back to employers and patients—the people who pay for the coverage.

Instead of accepting double-digit renewal increases every year, employers can now save 20–30% on their medical spend (really), while improving both the quality of care and the satisfaction of their employees.

How satisfied? After the first year of offering direct-primary-care programs like AllaraCare, companies have seen 80% of their workforce move over to these popular plans, as word spreads about the quality of care, the concierge-style service, and low- or no out-of-pocket costs for their care.

Why not ask your broker to include AllaraCare in the mix for your next open enrollment? And in the meantime, learn more about four essential elements AllaraCare is using to heal the sick healthcare system in our latest Executive Summary.

Or speak to one of our Employer Specialists directly to learn more about the how much the "A+ Effect" can have on your company.